Sally is an Interaction Designer currently based in Glasgow. She is due to graduate from the BA (Hons) Interaction Design programme at The Glasgow School of Art in summer 2020. 


Sally has experience of working innovatively with a variety of different digital mediums including Augmented Reality, data visualisation, creative coding (Python and Processing), physical computing (Arduino), rich sensors (Kinect, Eye-Tracking and various computer vision inputs), sound and video production, animation (2D and 3D) and projection mapping. 


Sally’s practice primarily focuses on ideas related to youth mental health. From experiencing severe mental health problems while growing up, Sally has become passionate about using her personal lived experience and creative practice to help others and challenge existing stigma and ill-informed perceptions of mental health problems. She uses technology to develop interactive and immersive audio and visual experiences that communicate hard-to-describe sensations and ideas related to mental health. 


Sally often combines her creative practice with her voluntary youth work role at See Me Scotland. In her most recent work she has been working closely with other young people to develop a series of engaging and interactive works that communicate voices, lived experiences, challenges and stigma that young people face in relation to mental health. 


In recognition for her passion and innovative approach to youth work, Sally was a one of three finalist the ‘Volunteer Youth Worker of the Year’ at The Scottish National Youth Work Awards 2020.